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So many things. This last week has been a lot. So thankful I cleaned my desk BEFORE the trip. It is nice to have one small corner of near sanity. I wanted to write something real but this is gonna end up a laundry list. I just know it.

  • I just turned 34 years old.

  • The Chicago trip was extended an extra day in order to reduce the burden of driving on the driver.

  • Our panel at the conference was pretty good. To be honest I was so wired on bad food, excessive coffee, and fluorescent lighting that my perspective on what actually went down in those hours is a little bit skewed. I felt like I had run a marathon and then dropped a hit of acid. Not a good feeling. I really enjoyed meeting everyone and wish we could have had some non-intensely social moments. Maybe I will get the brain to form sentences about it in the future.

  • Flint, Michigan. I am still processing you.

  • I arrived home this evening to a new little digital camera that takes video. Courtesy of Davin. I'm feeling spoiled beyond belief. Get ready for video!

  • I agreed to a camera crew out on the roof tomorrow afternoon. Stupid, stupid, stupid. 3 TV shows this month. What was I thinking?

  • 6 rolls of film from the trip and I haven't even removed them from the box. Gotta get on that before bed.

  • Jesus Christ the heat. Hard to breathe. This flower is wilting.

  • One roll of 35mm that I was calling "The Digital." Most of the pictures are silly.

  • Currently reading "A Million Little Pieces" by James Frey purchased for $2.50 at a Goodwill in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Every single Goodwill in Michigan was expensive! Come ON Michigan! Aren't paperbacks supposed to be 50 cents max?

  • Cooling off with two big glasses of coconut water at Pho. Number 158. Air-conditioning that feels like a meat locker.

  • Today was a great day.
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