Friday, August 3, 2007     « Flint, Michigan I »


I may be going a little bit nuts with the video feature on my new camera Samy the Samsung. The world is being flooded with more video clips of plants, cats, and your basic bullshit. This one is a conceptual piece about Parkdale. Davin said it best when he described this little gem as "existential."

I make the art.

I'm beginning to collect some trip photos here but I am slow. And I am not happy with some of the pics from Flint. And I 'effed up a roll. And it is hard to face the fact that I can't get a redo.

I am so pleased that Amy had the presence of mind to capture two highlights of our trip. 1. Super photographer Zoe Strauss with a plate of conference finger foods. 2. I play Pacman in Flint, Michigan.

« Flint, Michigan I »