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I am currently watching "You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving Train" a documentary about historian and social activist Howard Zinn. Well, that's not really the whole truth. The whole truth is that Davin is in the other room watching it and I got up and left the room about 15 minutes ago. I can't watch a documentary now-a-days without thinking about how they shot the interview and imagining what kind of things might have happened off camera; pondering whether there were sound distractions that made them stop taping; how many times the subject had to walk into the room on camera... that sort of thing. I don't think I'm ruined for documentaries forever -- just until I stop aggravating on and off about the show, or until I see it and can get on with my life without wondering which portions of those tapes were used. GAH! Thinking, "Please do not use that one part where I said that really dumb thing." And "Please do not use any of that whole section where I was not ready for my close-up." I wish I could be more ego-less and just forget about it entirely.

Someone in the Howard Zinn documentary used the phrase, "moral outrage" and it has been running in my head on repeat over and over since. Moral OUTRAGE. MORAL outrage. MORAL OUTRAGE. I like this phrase.

We just finished watching the entire run of "My So-Called Life." The language of the show has completely seeped into my vocabulary. I find myself saying "like", "whatever" and "or something" more than ever. This is not good.

I recently rented the first "Kids of Degrassi Street" DVD and wow is it ever fantastic! The first two episodes were particularly good although I am finding that the others do not compare. Episode one is about artistic integrity and episode two is surprisingly anti-authoritarian and gets into the idea that some rules are unjust and should be broken. We could all stand to learn these lessons. I for one am still learning them.

Song: "Respiration" Black Star

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