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I'm feeling antsy and mentally over-stimulated. We watched a bunch of documentaries this weekend, all of which have got my head spinning with too much information to process simultaneously. We're thinking about going to the launch of GreenTOpia in a few minutes but I also feel like I just want to take advantage of the sun that has made an appearance for the second day in a row. I want to go for a walk, take the kitchen scraps over to my community garden, take pictures, dig in the dirt and make things. I have a lot of energy brewing. Last night was all anxious dreams about Work.

Yeah, I'll probably skip the launch. Sorry friends.

We watched the Lou Reed: Rock n' Roll Heart documentary again on a whim and it has left me with an unstoppable appetite for the VU this morning. All of his songs leave me with a feeling of hopeful melancholy that is sort of like weeping, dancing crazily, smoking a cigarette really slowly, taking a lazy afternoon nap, and running really fast all at the same time. So many good lines. From Stephanie Says, "Stephanie says that she wants to know, Why she's given half her life to people she hates now."

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