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This image really goes with another but my site just isn't set up to handle multiple photos. I think about this a lot now, how I think of the photos in groupings and how posting them on their own often falls flat for me. Some of them are just stronger when more context is provided. I have always been overly concerned about context. My university essay intros were always too long and I have often subjected people to winding, painful meanderings to absolve my need to create proper context. Maybe I am defeating my original point in telling you this.

Someone who has long been publishing his photos in groupings is Alain Astruc. Davin and I spent a day with him on our visit to Montreal last month. He's a fine photographer whose images carry a strong emotional resonance. He is also a fine person -- we spent an easy day with him talking about everything from photography, to music, to politics very freely. Here is the series Alain put together of photos he took that day. I kept the little English lessons book found in a discard box on a tiny side street. The owner seems to have had a bit of a penchant for fantasy based on the books in the box. Or rather HAD a penchant for fantasy. Or maybe lived with someone who had a penchant for fantasy but then they broke up and he/she just had to get all of that shit out of the house.


I could be going to see Oliver Sacks speak tonight. I could bring along my copy of Oaxaca Journal and have him sign it, just cause. But instead I have work to do. I am going to regret this later I just know it.


Song: "Sweet Jane" I like the version on the "1969 Velvet Underground Live" album too. I go back and forth. But I often prefer the frenetic lyrics of the original version and the more authoritative rhythm. I love the ladies rolling their eyes and the ones who think that "life is just to die."

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