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I took this photo about a year ago on a nice afternoon spent alone walking around and exploring some new streets. Someone had tied up these old woodgrain-look canisters with elastics and string and set them in the oddest spot in front of a row of abandoned houses. People do the strangest things.

I am posting this a year later because the photo reminds me of the kind of solitude I enjoyed that day. I like to spend time with friends and the people I care about but I need this quiet time alone without work or distractions to regain my perspective and sense of self when it gets lost. At some point I discovered that photography functions for me like a kind of meditation in motion; a way for me to remind myself of what I see, how I see it, and what that says about me. It is me whispering in my own ears.

I am writing this because it relates to this collection of photos I finally cleaned up, pulled together and put online and the words I wrote to describe my intentions behind the images. I think these words are pretty close to what I want to say about it. I call this collection Not Now, Not Ever and while I consider it unfinished there I times when I think lots of the pictures I take could be in this series. Except I am guessing no one would want to go through THAT many photos. At some point a person has to edit.

Song: Old Man Neil Young

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