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The Spacing Issue 10 release party is tonight and doors are opening right about now (8pm). I would be on my way but am exhausted and am instead opting to go to bed early. I've been sick for a week and would be over it by now if I didn't have to push past the aches and pains to get a bunch of time-sensitive work done.

I've got a couple of pictures in the issue but haven't seen it yet. I'll have to pick up a copy out in the World at Large. Of course tis the season to avoid the World at Large since it involves navigating hordes of unpleasant holiday shoppers and icy snowbanks wearing giant moon boots that say, "I've given up winter. You win, bitch." and layers of winter clothing that make me feel puffed-out like the Michelin Man.

Song: "I'll Take You There" The Staple Singers. I can't recall what reminded me of this song the other day but it's been in my head since. It's a great yet simple song that says a lot while saying very little. I can't listen to the song without wondering about this utopia the writer had in mind. I suppose that place is meant to be here and the song is expressing a hopeful yearning for it -- a call that we should get together and work to make this utopia a possibility. It's that hopefulness and that belief in the possible that draws me to soul and funk music of this era. It makes me sad that we have let go of that spirit, having deluded ourselves into believing either that our society is one of equality now or into giving up entirely because it never can be.

I still believe.

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