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We tried to do fun things this week to keep ourselves busy and pass the time before our postponed and desperately needed trip. In addition to "light" holiday activities we went rock climbing for a day and to see two films: "No Country For Old Men" and "I'm Not There." I loved the desert scenes in "No Country For Old Men." I have driven through some desert areas on a bus but am now determined to do it in a car.

Unfortunately, I did not enjoy "I'm Not There." I really wanted to like it. It was visually beautiful but too long and meandering. I have long enjoyed Todd Haynes' films (minus "Velvet Goldmine") dating back to "Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story," a film I discovered on a tape called "Postmodern Animation" back when I was a student. As a big Carpenter's fan I was so taken with the story and his use of the popular documentary-style authoritative voice that I watched it everyday for 2 weeks. Another of his films about contemporary illness, "Safe" still stands as one of my favourite movies for its critical portrait of suburban normalcy.

And so here we go again. If you don't hear from me we made it onto the plane. Until next year....

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