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We're back from our trip. There is no way for me to encapsulate my experiences in a few words -- in all honesty I have no singular impression of the country based on my experiences of it. Instead I will have to reveal it slowly through pictures and accompanying stories. We saw and experienced so much and so many extremes within a week that it feels like we've been gone for a far longer than seven days. My head is reeling from it. I imagine there will be more head spinning as I get my film developed. I took 60 Polaroids, countless digital shots, approximately 300 medium format shots and a few panoramics.

I took this Polaroid shortly after fiasco #25 was sorted out with our accommodations. We were stuck sitting in the lobby for 4 or so hours plus an additional hour or so at the airport. As soon as we got our room we dumped our stuff and headed to the water to get a short dip in the ocean and take a few pictures as the sun went down. This picture does not represent my trip or what I saw in any way but I figured since it was one of the first pictures I took it was a good a place to begin the story.

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