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Time to get back to a city photo.

I took this photo while walking down the Padre Pico stairs, a steep set of stairs that offers a beautiful view of the city of Santiago de Cuba. The neighbourhood around the stairs was particularly poor with a lot of little kids asking us for money and chocolates. Disorientation and exasperation was starting to hit me by this part of the trip. It was nearing the end of the day and we'd gotten a bit lost trying to find the stairs. That, in combination with the bad air and the heaviness of the last half hour was starting to get to me. I found it difficult to focus on photography while descending the stairs which was also caused by my slight fear of heights. Consequently, two scenic photos I took from the stairs were double-exposed when I forgot to advance the film between shots. I am so accustomed to habitually advancing directly after clicking the shutter that this never happens.

By the time we made it back to the taxi area of town Davin was ready to go but I was still determined to see more. My sense of exhaustion was overlooked by my need to take in as much as possible. Frank, a fellow tourist who had accompanied us into the city made arrangements with a driver to meet us in about an hour and a half. We walked around for another 20 minutes or so until we all decided that we'd had enough and headed back to meet our ride early.

I've got two photos with some info about the madness of that drive here and here with two videos shot from the car here and here. Davin has posted some much nicer shots taken from inside the car in his city set.

« Vintage Car (top of Padre Pico Stairs, Santiago de Cuba) »