Sunday, January 20, 2008     « La Defensa (Santiago de Cuba) »


I just got some more film back from the developer's and have carved out a little window of time tonight to scan. I was pretty excited about a few of these rolls because they are closer to the kinds of pictures I strive to take around here (here being Southern Ontario). I diverge a lot and experiment with different ways of taking pictures but there is a certain style that I see as being most indicative of what I am trying to achieve. They are quiet pictures, I think. They say a lot but they say it slowly. They do not scream or demand to be seen. The tones are really neutral, almost flat at times but with a certain quality of light.

God, I wish I had shot more like this but I was stupid and got sucked in by the extreme sun that we experienced most in Cuba. That and the fact that the camera I brought is one that I only use one kind of film in now-a-days. I am so glad we were in the city on New Year's Eve when both the city and the sun was shockingly quiet. And I am so glad I had the wherewithal to switch film and stop fucking around with the more intense stuff.

I am really liking these pictures a lot.

« La Defensa (Santiago de Cuba) »