Wednesday, February 13, 2008     « From the Top (Gran Piedre, Santiago Cuba) »


Photos like this are such a shock on days like today. All that sun! I can see some sort of tropical palm in the foreground. On our first try we got lost and started to climb the stairs that go up to the tower in the photo until someone realized we were probably going up a set of utility stairs and not the "proper" tourist stairs to the top of the big rock. The stairs to the big rock were "of concern" but the stairs to the tower were very disconcerting.


All is well with my files. The drive is toast but the files are recovered. Huge sigh of relief. Thanks to Davin who saved the day with Disk Warrior. I have a new drive now. It's a shiny black box with a ridiculous blue light emanating from underneath. It reminds me of one of those bass cars that seem to float on a platform of purple light. Doesn't quite match my white and silver mac but at least it works!

Song: "Watching the Detectives" Elvis Costello.

« From the Top (Gran Piedre, Santiago Cuba) »