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I took a lot of photos of motorcycles in Cuba. Probably because there happen to be a lot of motorcycles in Santiago and also because they are attractive old-school Russian models. I often keep cars and other motor vehicles out of my shots anywhere else because they are UGLY and date the image in a bad way, but in Cuba it was incredibly FREEING to incorporate vehicles into photos of street scenes. There were times when I actually waited for a vehicle to drive into a particular spot in the frame.

We sat on the patio of the restaurant located behind the red vehicle on the right side. Actually Davin shared his crumbly and very white cheese sandwich with me when I unsuccessfully ordered a plate of chicken, rice, and beans. I swear I used all the right words! My Spanish is infantile, but damn it I know how to order most foods and beverages. The bathroom there was the worst I have ever experienced and believe me, I have experienced some terrible bathrooms. This one didn't have any running water in the toilet or the sink, a situation that is perfectly reasonable when the bathroom is an outhouse. However, as an indoor bathroom with plumbing it makes for a very unfortunate experience.


Davin has taken the lead again in the race for the 2008 Better Partner Award with his personally designed surprise desktop valentine. Although I didn't have my glasses on when I turned the computer on and thought it was some kind of crazy virus. The Nice Virus.

Song: "Beauty Lies in the Eye" Sonic Youth. I wanted to post something with a love vibe today. "Sister" was one of my favourite albums in my teen years. I actually prefer "Kotton Krown" but it always seemed to be a more of a love song to a drug than a person. And while I'm at it, if you're a fan of "Sister" you might like this.

« Target (Santiago de Cuba) »