Monday, February 18, 2008     « Rides Wrapped in Plastic (Santiago de Cuba) »


We first came upon the rides (hidden under plastic) on the preceding Saturday when they were unwrapped and in use by brightly smiling children. Later that day, we came upon another park with larger mechanical kiddie rides in use. I asked around thinking the rides were special for the holidays but it turns out they're a Saturday thing. I took this photo the following Monday. I'll post the pictures I took of the rides in use sometime in the future. The ride on the right are sharks and dolphins, and the ride on the left are horses.

Song: "Who'll Pay Reparations on My Soul" Gill Scott-Heron. I know I've mentioned this one at least one time in the past. How could I not? It's a brilliant song.

« Rides Wrapped in Plastic (Santiago de Cuba) »