Tuesday, February 19, 2008     « Rides Wrapped in Plastic II (Santiago de Cuba) »


Another view of the wrapped rides.


Two things: Davin turned 39 on the weekend. We went to the island which is one of our top two places in the city. It occurs to me that all of my favourite places in the city are green spaces. Anyways, the island was incredible. Freezing but bloody beautiful. Two: The show aired last night. It was good.

Song: "Once in a Lifetime" Talking Heads. Did you know David Byrne has a blog? It's fantastic but of course because I have not updated my links page in eons I keep forgetting until something reminds me. This "something" is actually often a certain someone whose photo magazine keeps him fairly knowledgeable about the photo/art world. He is constantly mentioning artists, photographers, shows and exhibits and I'm all, "WHO? Huh? Whatareyoutalkingabout?" Come to think of it, my friends in general collectively put forth a lot of effort to catapult me into this decade as far as art and music goes. I am stubborn and do not go easily.

« Rides Wrapped in Plastic II (Santiago de Cuba) »