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I felt it was time to get back to the Cuba pictures. You thought I was done didn't you? Turns out I will never be done because there are HUNDREDS!

Album: We went out for a friend's birthday last weekend and the joint we were at played the entire Pixies "Doolittle" album soon after we arrived. I still know all the lyrics which isn't a surprise given how my brain can take in and hold tight onto anything set to music including the lyrics of songs I heard once at a high school dance I went to back in 1988. I think it was a CFNY Video Roadshow. I'm pretty sure the first song was "Love Removal Machine" and the last was "Stairway to Heaven." I'm pretty sure I was drunk on Raspberry Schnapps illicitly purchased (for a small markup) by a senior student whose name I do not recall.

Anyways by the third song into Doolittle ("I Bleed") I was all, "This album never gets old. I should play it more often." And so I am. I'm playing it straight through as I write this. I'm already at "Crackity Jones."

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