Thursday, March 27, 2008     « Painting of Frank Pais (Cuba) »


I took the photo of this painting of Frank Pais in a little "park" in the small countryside town near our hotel outside Santiago de Cuba. The park mainly consisted of dry earth with images and slogans painted on rocks and blocks of scrap concrete. It was really quite beautiful.

Looking at this image, I am struck with a sudden and strong wish to be there again. I can remember the feeling of standing there exactly. Here is the next photo I took. I miss sunshine, greenery and the smell of earth desperately. Scanning photos taken in Austin just over two weeks ago is not helping.

On a positive note I saw my first robin of spring today! And my first tomato seedling poked its way through the soil. I really do not recall a more difficult winter EVER. I have never traveled so often yet complained so much on return. I'd hate to see my psychology had I not gone somewhere every month since late December.

« Painting of Frank Pais (Cuba) »