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We went to Scarborough on the TTC today. Our second visit to Scarborough in less than a week. Let's hope that covers us off for the rest of our lives.

Song: "The Only Living Boy in New York" Davin just told me this is his favourite Simon & Garfunkel song. You think you know a person...

I'm not on a Simon and Garfunkel kick or anything. I just had a hankering to listen to some of their stuff while I prepped this image. I have gone through stages of addiction though. Like that time I COULD NOT stop listening to "The Boxer.

I think my favourite S&G song is "I am a Rock." And yes, there was a particularly prolonged period of addiction to that song in my recent past. I am often tentative about playing it for fear of bringing on another wave. It's a good song, just not what I want playing over and over in my head at 4am.


I don't think the photos from this day are particularly special but I like what I wrote with them.

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