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Today was beautiful. And in keeping with my First Nice Day of Spring ritual I just finished listening to "Hey" by the Butthole Surfers and am now listening to Pavement's "Westing (By Musket and Sextant)." I am partial to "Box Elder," "She Believes," and "Heckler Spray."


I have been finding it hard to go back and pull out past entries that still hold some meaning to me. I have never planned what I was going to post or write here so most entries came out very stream-of-consciousness. It has made for some interesting insights but a lot of cringe-worthy stuff. 2005 was a good picture year. It was not a good year as far as friends staying alive and not dying of incurable diseases and car accidents. I can look back on it now and see that I made a lot of strides that I am proud of and that made it a good year. But at the time I found it very difficult to keep myself from being pulled into the sadness and loss of all that death and the horrible feeling that I would never be allowed a good moment that wasn't accompanied by a tragedy.

I like these two pictures taken on a really hot day in June. I | II

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