Monday, May 9, 2005     « Lundy's Lane »


This was one of many attempts to block out the *NEW* Niagara Falls and capture the old Niagara Falls of my youth. God I hate *NEW*.

My best friend from childhood moved to Niagara Falls back when I was a preteen and I spent many summer weekends and weeks visiting her there. Her parents gave her a lot of freedom (possibly too much really), while mine kept me on a very, very, very short leash. Visiting her was a liberating yet anxiety-ridden contrast as we roamed the touristy areas without parental supervision. Lundy's lane was known as a cruising street (maybe it still is) and I recall shaking my fists and shouting at many leacherous older men in sports cars, "I'm only 13 you sick asshole!"

Good times.

(Thanks to Colin who recovered this lost entry for me.)

« Lundy's Lane »