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No they don't serve pizza!

At least that's what was stated very emphatically on the door. We didn't eat here but our motel was nearby so we passed it a few times. A little gem leftover from old Niagara Falls when it was the Honeymoon Capital of the World rather than Vegas North/a city that charges $2.00 for heated tap water at a $6.99 all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet. Cold water is free.

I REALLY wanted to photograph the side door. It was incredible! But every single time we walked by there was a very elderly woman either peering out at us through the blinds or sitting on the porch. I got the distinct impression from the way her eyes drilled a hole through me that asking her if she minded if I take a picture wasn't an option.

Still, there are lots of things in this scene that appeal to me: the topiary hedges, handpainted signage, scallopy awnings, windows and a door.

« Spaghetti House »