Tuesday, May 24, 2005     « Just About to Rain in the Bowery »


We're back. We decided to stay an extra day because there was more work than originally intended and less free time. I did not take many pictures because 1. I was working a lot and 2. the place is just a bit too overwhelming. I'm a visually oriented person and everything is just so condensed! It's just a bit too much. It's also really hard to work around all the cars and people. After a certain point I just had to accept that there was nothing I could do about the cars. If I end up with a load of tourist snapshots then so be it.

And now I sleep. That and wading through 1600 emails. Mostly junk I'm sure. I haven't touched a computer in nearly a week!

The photo above was taken just seconds before the sky opened up and let loose a torrent of rain and lightening.

« Just About to Rain in the Bowery »