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Andy's Delight I remains one of my favourite photos of 2006. And #2.

Welcome visitors from Photoblogs. Woot.

We were doing some necessary purging over the weekend and as a result I have culled from my camera collection. I have begun listing the cameras below. They're free. You pay the shipping. Email me if you want one.

  • Zenit EM (Black 1980 Moscow Olympic model) - I used this sucker for one roll ages ago but I am certain it works. I don't think the light meter is very accurate in these things but it is still a very reasonable SLR. Davin used his lots. You can read the story about how I got the Zenit here. It's a real tear-jerker. Makes me want to keep it. Must resist urge to keep it. Must. Fight. Nostalgic feelings. I am not a 35mm person but if I really want to use 35mm I can use Davin's old AE-1. And how can you resist the special Black Moscow Olympics model? So "fancy." Okay, moving on.
  • Panda Cam - I threw this one in there to trip you up. No, I bought this after rummaging for eons in a junk store in Etobicoke. We were out riding our bikes and just kept going, and going, and going. The owner tried to gouge me at $4 but I was having none of that. Works. Has a plastic body and lens and a "pleasing" 3D depiction of a panda bear on the front. I can't recall ever having put a roll of film through it. Maybe it's got the magic touch! Maybe it's got the crazy blurs and the sweet spot and fantastic vignetting and a delicate softness. Who can know?

  • Konica C35 - Cute little rangefinder. I used it once. The pictures were nice. I've got them here somewhere. I just can't get into 35mm. We're just not agreeable, somehow. I like my squares. The camera is in great condition. It's got the arm strap and everything. I even bought the special battery so it's ready to go.

Okay sorry that's it for now. I'll have to list more later or tomorrow. I'm on a deadline today and have got to get back to making the donuts.

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