Thursday, November 23, 2006     « Community Garden Gate (with decaying vines) »


I am working through an obsession with the decaying garden. It started in the spring when I began visiting gardens while they were still brown and holding all that optimistic potential for growth. But now I'm trying to capture the gardens as they wither and sink into dormancy. The strange thing is that I don't see the decaying garden as a negative. It's not like spring is positive and winter is negative. Okay, well, my body says 'Cold. Bad." but my eyes are enjoying the photographic possibilities. And besides, the garden lives under snow. I have come to understand that everything is alive during the winter, just in a different way. Look at me with all that optimism and hopefulness. The optimistic cynic barely maintains the cynicism anymore.


I am also obsessed with gates. Sometimes fences too but mostly gates.

I did a HUGE walk across the city today. I couldn't pass up the sun, meditation in motion, and the opportunity to burn off this nervous energy I've been holding onto since Sunday night. The big guns were busted out... which I haven't done in a long while. I forgot how god damned heavy it is! And, what did I photograph on my walk? Decaying gardens of course.

« Community Garden Gate (with decaying vines) »