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Stuff [As soon as I typed that, the song Stuff by Dyke and the Blazers popped into my head. "I said STUFF" A bit more bite than my recent song addictions.]

- Today: Five minutes in the dark

- So proud of my guy and his book (available soon). Seeing them all together along with his purposeful juxtapositions is even more impactful than I anticipated.

- I've been missing being out in the garden like crazy lately. I'm trying to use that ache in all the writing and presentation-making on my plate for the next few months... could end up being a bunch of hopelessly earnest sappy sap as a result.

- Addicted to "Three is a Magic Number" - Schoolhouse Rock version.

- Waiting in a ridiculously insane Sunday brunch line last week I was reminded of this: "Excuse me would you take my order? I have to go Shashawna's got a real job, dag don't you know!" - From De La Soul is Dead.

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