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So many things.

- This morning a depressing film called "Mouchette" by French director Robert Bresson. It's about a 14 year old girl for whom a difficult life and a constant stream of humiliations creates a deep sense of anger and alienation from everyone around her. There is a short documentary attached to the Criterion release which portrays Bresson as a bit of an ass but I liked it when he talks about how a scene should express emotions even before the characters speak, that "...the shot itself should embody the idea."

- My brother is posting about the albums he finds in his treasure hunts. We had a good discussion last week about the self-titled Black Sabbath album (#10) which I bought off the street in a dollar bin in my first year of university.

- We finally updated our business/work site. Still lots to add (projects, press, and other stuff)... but what a relief. It was very out-of-date and well past the point of embarassing.

- Four of us huddled around the computer screen this afternoon watching old Sesame Street segments and this fantastic piece that you must see.

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