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These are the same wrapped rides in use.

We are feeling really horrified about the block of buildings that burned down on Queen Street just east of here this morning. The first images I saw this morning were gorgeous photos taken by Miles Storey on Torontoist. I can't help but feel an extra pang of sadness and loss for the people living in the apartments over the stores, people who have lost everything -- many without insurance -- and are now homeless. It also worries me a little, acting as a reminder of my own tenuous position living above a store and attached in a long row to a chain of other stores and apartments. We are unintentionally locked in a sort of communal dependency and unspoken social contract with our neighbors. Living so close means that how I treat my environment and the problems that can arise affects them and vice-versa.

Song: "Waltz #2" Elliott Smith.

« Saturday Rides at the Park (Santiago de Cuba) »